Typographic Printing Program
Typographic Printing Program
Typographic Printing Program

Since 2016, I have hosted 12 sessions of Typographic Printing Program at my studio in Näfels. Over this period more than 100 international participants have immersed themselves in a new environment to learn new approaches in an intensive design program. From April 13 to April 14, 2024 the exhibition «100 Plakate für Näfels» will present the results of these sessions to the public for the first time.

The stay in the rural area of Näfels in the canton of Glarus, has a formative effect on the wide range of international participants. The program’s consistent task, «What is there in Näfels, or rather, what is actually still missing?», was inspired by the participants’ interest in this unfamiliar environment. They developed their individual answers through fictitious cultural events in and around Näfels. The study produced 100 concepts, perspectives, and opportunities, which were laboriously crafted into typographic letterpress posters and will be shown at the exhibition.

Anyone interested in these perspectives for Näfels, or interested in the potential of teaching contemporary typography with traditional tools, is invited to visit the exhibition at my studio during opening hours.

A publication accompanies the exhibition and catalogs the 100 posters on display as well as their creators. In addition to the content index, it lists and analyzes the design elements of the posters. The decomposition of the posters into their design elements demonstrates how various typographic designs and atmospheres were created despite the limitations imposed by the consistent task, the analog technology and the available materials. The publication is freely available at the exhibtion.

Join us!

Saturday, April 13, 2024: 11am–6pm
Sunday, April 14, 2024: 11am–4pm

Saturday, April 13, 2024: 4pm

Guided tours
every odd hour

Poster studio Dafi Kühne
Mühlhäusern 2, Näfels, Switzerland

The exhibition is kindly supported by Swisslos Kulturfonds Kanton Glarus.