While organizing a workshop for type nerds and print lovers—it also needs a good printed poster for advertising. Check out the production videos for the letterpress printed posters from 2017–2022. Perfect for binge-watching. And stay tuned for next year’s poster.

2022 Typographic Detox

The detox posters have been printed from both sides on transparency paper. And they really worked. If you stick them on top of any bad typography posters, they immediately detox the environment! Laser-cut linoleum and freshly cast Ludlow slugs.

2021 Stop Typographic Pollution

Well, if we are talking about pollution, you got to see it somehow visually. So the question just is: is this poster part of the typographic pollution? You decide! Printed from hand-cut and laser-cut linoleum, and freshly cast Ludlow slugs.

2020 Join the cult of type

Printed black on black! Yes, our cult is dark. Yes, you can’t get out! Yes, it is the most fun!

And look at the crazy justified layout on the back. That took at least 2 days to cast and work out all the details.

2020 Pow!

The pow poster was a provocation in it self. We are staying away from type-bashing here at TPP since we strongly believe that you can produce good work with almost any typeface—if you use it right.

A few years back, I got in to a discussion with a German typographer and I said something like I didn’t like type-bashing. He said something like «…but you definitely would’t make a poster with Comic Sans, would you!?». Well, the Pow!-poster was my reply to that! Haha. And it was awarded by the 100 best posters of Germany, Switzerland and Austria in 2019.

2018 Typographic Summer Program

Just a plain old hand-set poster, that’s all. Composed from: so. many. pieces.

2017 Death to the print

A true manifesto for print. You say print is dead? We agree, until we disagree!