The 2023 sessions of the Typographic Printing Program were a success. 14 participants from many different places around the globe came to Switzerland to enhance their typographic skills. We are already planning and looking forward to the upcoming sessions in June and July. If you are still not sure if this program is the right thing to do, here are some fantastic reasons from our former participants why you should apply and treat yourself by joining one of this year’s sessions:

Upcoming sessions

This year’s theme is «Typographic Disillusion». Stop believing in the illusion of bad typography! For 2024, Typographic Printing Program breaks the typographic hallucination, daydreaming and misinformation and brings you the full analog phantasma and disillusion.

Session 1
June 23–July 6, 2024
Näfels, Switzerland

Session 2
July 28–August 10, 2024
Näfels, Switzerland

More details about the sessions you’ll find here. We are looking forward to your application!

Videos by Dennis Wittmann.